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Easily get your specific microfluidic glass chip for your experiments!

To offer you this relevant and complementary service, BlackHole Lab works with Klearia, a French and innovative company.

You have a great design and need the chip but you can’t or don’t want to do it by yourself? It’s not a problem! We can help you by quickly creating your specific design with high precision.

We also offer the possibility to use pre-designed chips that have been already widely used in the field (flow chemistry, analytical chemistry using different electrodes,…).

  • Affordable glass devices

  • Fast exchange for a custom made device to fit your needs

  • Add electrodes


We offer experience in designing and developing customized microfluidic chips tailored to your needs. You can take the benefit of :

    • expertise and accompaniment
    • support from conception to fabrication
    • personalized services
  • responsiveness and care to details

Depending on your needs, we integrate your constraints and design your chips, thus you can concentrate on research and applications. A set of simple design rules and standard formats lets you easily and economically design chips for your specific needs. Our technology allows new embedded functions in a lab-on-a-chip. Since now you can imagine new designs; innovating in microfluidics is now possible.

Take the plunge !

Glass microfluidic chip custom made

Klearia products range for Research : LabInGlass®

LabInGlass®’s microfluidic chips are fabricated with glass (D263, Pyrex 7740, fused silica…) to the highest quality standards. A wide range of patterns are available depending of your microfluidic needs. The range LabInGlass® is made of microreactors and sensors (electrochemical).


Our microfluidic solutions integrate spatially controlled functionalization to generate catalytic reactions (metal coating) and that potentially allows to modulate wetting properties (polymers coating).


    • Microchannel depth: 0 to 200 µm
    • Chip Size: 20 mm/30 mm – 20 mm/46 mm
  • Reactional volume: from 0.2 µl to 15 µl

Patterns Available





Klearia manufactures devices of one microfluidic channel allowing multiplexing detection. Each microfluidic channel is fitted with 2 sets of 3 electrodes (working electrode WE, counter electrode CE and reference electrode RE). Due to our exclusive and patented technology, we are able to propose different materials for electrochemical sensors: gold, platinum, ITO or carbon electrodes.


    • Microchannel width: 1 mm
    • 2 sets of 3 electrodes (for additional, see prototyping)
    • RE and WE electrode width: 1 mm
    • CE electrode width: 3mm
    • Space between electrodes: 1 mm
    • Electrode materials: Au, Pt, a-CN
  • Pads size: min 4 mm


Klearia provides you with a plug & play starter kit which makes the product easy to use

KLEARIA_Electrochemical microfluidic chip - 300x199




 Connect in glass microfluidics chip electrochemistry

Klearia develops a new standard for easy fluidic and electrical connections : plug & play, dedicated to confirmed or unexperimented microfluidic users. A new way to connect your Lab-On-a-Chip.

    • FAST: less than 5 minutes
    • EASY: tool free and user-friendly
  • ROBUST & SAFELY: no risks of breaking

Fluidic connections

Insert easily consistent fluid connections to the chip.

Connect in glass microfluidics chip electrochemistry fluidic connection

Mechanical connections

Lock your device thanks to 4 screws.

Connect in glass microfluidics chip electrochemistry mechanical connection

Electrical connections

Connect your electrical instruments in few seconds.

Connect in glass microfluidics chip electrochemistry electrical connection


    • dimension: length – 14,1 cm I width – 12 cm I heigth – 2 cm
    • material : PP
    • electrical connectors: 14 banana connectors
  • fluidic connectors : 1/16 in


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