Plug and play solutions for chip microfabrication

soft lithography wafer PDMS MOLD SU8 station


Fabricate your microfluidic chips without a clean room

You don’t need to use an expensive clean room to fabricate high resolution microfluidic device in your lab anymore.
Our soft-lithography stations are turnkey offers, no need to acquire any additional equipment.

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step-by-step-soft-lithography-microfluidic-1How it works, step by step

You contact us, our specialists study your needs, fit the pack, provide and install all the equipment, provide all the accessories and chemicals, develop your process, train your team and give you tutorials for future lab members. One month after your first call you can be ready to execute the whole fabrication process and obtain all your microfluidic chips in 24-48 hours maximum.


1 - soft lithography microfluidicSuitable apparatuses

You get all the necessary equipment and accessories with a limited budget. We work with the best instrument providers in the field: the SoftLithoBox is exclusively composed of high performance apparatuses for soft lithography. Moreover we have kept affordable prices in mind so that you can invest your grants and funds in other areas of your research.

2 - soft lithography microfluidicTraining & support

You avoid weeks or months of training on highly sophisticated and expensive clean room equipment each time a new collaborator arrives in your lab. Our soft lithography equipment are specifically selected to be efficient and simple to use. Similarly, our protocols are adapted to be followed intuitively. Even for people unfamiliar with soft lithography, one day training is sufficient to get ready to produce chips autonomously.

3 - soft lithography microfluidicAvoid tedious procedures

There is no need to manage your access to a clean room anymore, your fabrication facilities are installed directly in your lab and are accessible anytime.

4 - soft lithography microfluidicKeep the control

You keep the full control of your intellectual property, avoid disclosing your novel microfluidic designs and limit unnecessary collaborations. Why asking someone else to manufacture your chips when you can readily do it yourself ?

soft lithography save time iconSave time

Simply and immediately fabricate state of the art microfluidic devices in your lab.

soft lithography easy to use iconEasy to use

A brand of intruments and process optimized to enable any labs to fabricate microfluidic chip by themselves.

soft lithography save space iconSave space

Get the equivalent of a conventional clean room in 3m².

soft lithography high resolution iconHigh resolution

Reach the same resolution than the one you can get into clean room.


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