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Beginning a new microfabrication project is not something that should be taken lightly. Indeed, even if BlackHole Lab solutions allow to highly decrease price and hazards compared to a microfabrication process in clean room, it remains a high investment.

Having a new partner is still a bit frightening until you know it better, and we totally understand that. That’s why we always try to improve our support and follow up. This is also why you can find here some testimonials of BlackHole Lab customers, they chose to trust us for their research and willing to share their experience.

 “How does a biologist without any training in microfluidics set up an entire microfabrication in the lab? With the help of the BlackHole Lab team, I could identify, install and optimize all the essential equipmnet to fabricate any PDMS microfluidic chip that we want to use for our cell biology research”

Dr. Coudreuse, Synthecell Team

“We’ve been using the Full Blackhole kit (plasma, spincoater, oven, and UV lamp) for 2 years and are very pleased with it. It is fully turn-key  and was up and running the day following the installation. It is installed in a soft matter/chemistry/microscopy lab, not a dedicated clean-room. Once in while, a dust ruins the result but the amount of flexibility provided by the kit is amazing. It clearly removed the energy “barrier” from going to the clean room and dressing up as a “cosmonaut”, and therefore encourages creativity and trials of all kind of design. It is simple and straightforward enough, that we are also using it to teach undergraduates students to do microfluidic chips for experiments.  The support is great and would recommend the kit with no reserve.”

 Jeremie Palacci, UCSD

 “In general terms, we are very satisfied with the purchase and installation of the Softlithobox”

Dr. Elena Pérez Ruiz, MeBios- Biosensor (KU Leuven)

 “The training was excellent and efficient.

Thank you for the professional and enjoyable training and installation process”

Dr. Nikita Patel, Amgen

 “Installation was excellent. All our question were answered very well. If I could make one small criticism it is that Sebastien is very softly spoken and once or twice I had to ask him to repeat something.

Generating manuals based on our existing equipment is an excellent idea and we are very happy to have these.”

Dr. Kevin Nolan, Bell Labs Ireland

 “Everything went great! It was good that Benjamin brought his own tools and supplies to fix some things that went wrong. We have had situations with other companies where the whole training went to waste because they were not as prepared. Good Job!

Benjamin did a great job with the installation and training, as well!”

Dr. Jordan Wagner, Particle Flow & Tribology Lab, Rice University, Houston

 “It was such a great experience working with BlackHole Lab this summer. Sebastian is knowledgeable, preofessional and thoughtul. He really thinks from the perspective of the customers and is always willing to adjust the details to make the system and the timeline work better for our teaching la. He respondsquickly to inquiry and questions and makes sure things are well understood before moving on the next steps in the process. And he pays attention to detail when communicating with us and conducting the on-site training. He works amazingly herd and has installed the entire system in a very short time wihtout any help. He follows up after the installation and training and offers to help whenever we have any questions or encounter any problems.

Keep doing the great work!”

Dr. Xiaoying Liu, Univeristy of Chicago

 “Very competent and friendly team!

Thanks again”

Dr. Mario Rothbauer, TU Wien IAS

 “We would like to say thank you for your job. We are very pleased to work with such a good team of professionals of their line. I hope our good business relationships could be enlarged with new interesting projects.”

Ivan Fitisov, Energotech

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