The widest range of turnkey solution for microfabrication purpose

Microfluidic chip without a clean room


soft lithography wafer PDMS MOLD SU8 stationFind here all you need to know in order to create, by yourself, your microfluidic devices and more.

BlackHole Lab works collaboratively with researchers to build or improve micro fabrication facility. Our team is able to advise, lead and help you in all steps from the choice of the equipment to the microfabrication process tricks.

Microfluidic has never been so easy!


“How does a biologist without any training in microfluidics set up an entire microfabrication in the lab? With the help of the BlackHole Lab team, I could identify, install and optimize all the essential equipmnet to fabricate any PDMS microfluidic chip that we want to use for our cell biology research”

 Dr. Coudreuse, Synthecell Team

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