Meet the team of BlackHole Lab!

Sebastian Cargou, PhD.

After an engineering school and a PhD in microfluidic, Sebastian head into entrepreneurship in sciences, the only place where he could find the diversity in the work he needs.

I truly believe in the possibilities offered by the microfluidic for research but also soon for industry as well. With BlackHole Lab, we want to make accessible the microfluidic for a wide range of people. I think our distinction is in our adaptability to answer to a customer.

Guilhem Velve Casquillas, PhD.

Cofounder of the Black Hole Lab Softlithography Company, Guilhem was the first who installed, during a post-doc, a Softlithography Station.

Passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship and science, Guilhem has created his 3rd company by Black Hole Lab Softlithography at the service of the science and mainly of researchers’ activities.

All the projects I am involved in always focus on one target: save time of researchers by contributing, with my expertise, to provide solutions that save engineering time of researchers. Then scientists can do what they really want to do: Science!

Maël Le Berre, PhD.

Maël used to work in a clean room environment and knew how restricting and expensive it is. So, having a possibility to simplify the researcher life couldn’t be put aside.

Our idea is really to make researcher saving time and money. What’s more, we know Biologists are more and more interested in the field and we are happy to share our knowledge with them.

Mathieu Velve Casquillas

Mathieu is an engineer in computer sciences. He is also one of the co-founder of Elvesys microfluidic innovation center.

Creating BlackHole Lab to offer a complete solution for microfabrication was an obviousness to bring the entire support in microfluidic the researchers may need.

Sephora Winkele

Sephora is the assistant manager of BlackHole Lab. She is completing her bachelor degree (ETS Ecole Européenne, Paris) in management by working at BlackHole Lab during 2 years.

Benjamin Sévénié, PhD.

After an engineering school and a PhD in microfluidics, Benjamin’s mission is to perform installations and trainings for our clients and to take care of European projects (H2020).

I strongly believe that microfluidics, with Point-of-Care devices, Lab-on-Chip and Organ-on-Chip, is on its way to revolutionize the biological and medical fields. I am thrilled to put my ideas and abilities at the service of this promising field, and to participate in its popularization through BlackHole Lab.

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Our team will always try to answer you as fast as possible. Putting the customer at the center of the company is our priority.

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Our company gather mainly doctors with great knowledge and experience in microfluidic.

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We are working with high-performance equipment and constantly look for new or more efficient devices to stay at the cutting edge of the technology.

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We are always happy to exchange on microfluidic experiences and we have a lot of interest for our customers research.