Newsletter n°1 – From notebook to Facebook

Open Microfluidic to all !


BlackHole Lab 2.0: we will tweet about that…

BlackHole Lab is joining the big family of social media! We are now on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

We will obviously talk about microfluidics but, more precisely, about the current activity in this research field all over the world. We will also share our experience about our company activities in terms of research & development as well as our presence at international meetings about microfluidics. Besides, we will join Micro TAS 2017, the 21st International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry in Life Sciences,  in Savannah (USA) at the end of October (22nd-26th 2017).

We will provide our Youtube channel with many tutorials to use our products in the aim of having a more visual help to get how easy microfabrication becomes.

Feel free to follow us on our accounts by clicking on the buttons below !

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A word from the CEO 

“BlackHole Lab has been working for several years now, always looking to be at the cutting edge of the technology in term of microfabrication. But we also wanted to improve our communication with the researchers who are working with us, finding a way to quickly and easily share our knowledge and new release, that’s why we want to highly develop our social media! Hope it will please you!”

Sebastian CARGOU

A new polymer kit: creating your chip has never been so easy thanks to Flexdym

Flexdym is a new polymer that we propose to use for microfluidic applications. It is an alternative to PDMS as it is transparent and cell culture friendly. But, it is also very easy to use and to bond. Its similarities with the PDMS but without its drawbacks make it the perfect candidate for microfluidic chips.

We created a Flexdym kit based on thermoforming to easily and quickly do your Flexdym chips. The kit is based on a very convenient oven which enables to create your chips in less than 30 minutes !

You can see more information here and can already contact us if you are interested and want to have further information.

Easily get your specific microfluidic glass chip – partnership with Klearia

Klearia is a spin-off born at the Laboratory for Photonics and Nanostructures (LPN-CNRS) from the discovery of an innovative technology for bonding glass microfluidic chips.

With this collaboration, we can help you by quickly creating your specific design on glass support with high precision.

For further information, you can click here.

For general information

For further information, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts: or phone: +33(0).782.831.207

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