The Corona SB equipment enables a quick and easy surface treatment, and can be used to create a strong bond between PDMS and PDMS or PDMS and glass in less than one minute. Indeed, the Corona SB tool will change surface properties in much the same way as a traditional plasma cleaner treatment.

    • High strength PDMS / Glass link

  • Manual PDMS bonding

  • Quick and Easy PDMS bonding

  • Cheap and Efficient solution

How it works

The Corona SB is a high frequency generator, it produces a high voltage, high frequencies spark at the tip of an electrode. The electric field created around the electrode is used for surface treatment of polymers.

Maintenance and hazard

The Corona SB needs to be used in proper manners. It emits a high frequency, high voltage spark but is totally safe if the safety instructions are respected. If you want more information, please contact us.

  • Highly adjustable:
    1. The output power can be adjusted from 10 000 volts to 48 000 volts.
    1. The distance and the time of treatment can also be adjusted as wanted.
  1. Thanks to the different electrodes you can focus on different zones.

These highly changeable parameters enable almost all possibilities for a surface treatment.

  • Easy to use:

Switch on the Corona SB and that’s it. The electric field is working, you can now adjust it by turning the knob.

  • High performance:

A lot of different time and power parameters allow a prefect surface treatment and bonding. Only few instructions enable to succeed your treatment each time.

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For general information

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