Xurography Kit 


Create your paper-based microfluidic chips

Our station includes everything needed to design and replicate your microfluidics prototypes in a fast and cheap manner. Both cutting and the use of an hydrophobic ink are available options with this station for more microfabrication possibilities.

  • Fast protocols
  • Easy to handle
  • Double tool holder and tunable cutting parameters for more versatility

A fast and easy way to create your molds for PDMS chips

Use also the cutting machine to cut an adhesive and create molds faster to fabricate PDMS chips.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast fabrication processes: adapted for prototyping
  • 30×30 cm² mattress for large designs or making several designs at once
  • Adapted to cut over a wide range of materials
  • Web software and mobile application for more flexibility
  • Double head tool to cut and write
  • Resolution down to 200µm



  • Cutting plotter
  • Rolling mill machine
  • Possibility to add a PDMS station for molds creation


Accessories & Chemicals

Different paper substrates and pencils with hydrophobic ink or adhesives according to your application as well as all necessary lab accessories (tweezers, scissors, etc.) are included.


We give you all the consumable reference and provider informations to refill your stock.


Standard support pack: We take care of the after sale of all your instruments, we provide you microfabrication process-sheet and tutorials, we provide you 1 years assistance to answers any microfabrication questions you could have.

Extended support pack: In addition to standard support pack our R&D team  install your equipment directly in your lab, we adapt on site all our microfabrication process to your needs and we train your team until there become ready to fabricate all your microfluidic chips.

Cutting plotter :

Cutting machine with tunable pressure and number of cycles adapted to cut a wide range of materials. The blade and mattress can be adjusted according to the thickness of the material.
A device adapted for xurography-based microfluidics and rapid mask making:
This machine is perfect to explore all the possibilities of paper-based microfluidics. Thanks to the double tool holder, it is possible to cut and use hydrophobic ink to create elaborated designs. Its wide range of pressure allows to fine tune the settings to the materials to cut and make it easy to create molds from adhesives.

  • Cutting speed : 5cm/s
  • Resolution down to 200µm

Rolling mill

Rolling mill machine working with 6 rolls with 4 heating. The speed and the temperature can be adapted according to the application and can be used for thickness up to 3mm. The rolls can move toward and backward and are easily cleanable.

  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of speed (up to 1,3m/min) and temperature (up to 140°C)
  • Digital panel for a perfect control of the parameters
  • Easy to clean

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