UTarget Make all the connections you need!


Having a leak? Need to do a connection?

Sometimes microfluidic is not as plug and play as wanted, and you need to experiment new things. All researchers know how relevant and useful can be the tape and it’s the same for UV glue. Indeed you have a leak? You need to do an unusual connection? What is easier than putting a bit of glue and locally fix your problem?

The UTarget kit is here for that. It’s really easy to use and will offer you a wide range of possibilities for your experiment and prototyping steps.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast UV curing (around 30s)
  • All parameters changeable on the Utarget body
  • No need of a baking step!


The UTarget Kit is simple and versatile, it can be used in a lot of different ways to help you in your experiment. But BlackHole Lab remains available to help if any issue happens. We can also advise you on which connectors to choose, how to design PDMS connectors…


Unlike their solvent-based counterparts which use solvent evaporation to solidify, UV-sensitive glues contain photo-initiators which will cause hardening of the entire bulk when exposed to UV energy.  This UV pointer allows localized application of UV light, hence providing better precision and ease of use. Thanks to the high power the exposure takes only few seconds (around 30s for most of the microfluidic application). Moreover, no need of a backing step post process. In other words you exposed and it’s done!

Weight 130 g
Power ~ 4 W
Power supply 100V or 240V AC ; 50/60 Hz
Dimension (HxWxD) (36 x 150 x 22) mm
Wavelengths 365 nm
Max irradiance 1400mW/cm²

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