Maskless exposure system for microfabrication


Create your mold directly from your computer!

With our maskless exposure system, you can forget about traditional microfabrication process using photolithography mask to create your mold. Indeed, this tool uses a beamer technology to project the image of your design directly on your photoresist layer. You can now fabricate a mold from the moment you have the idea to the final result in 1 hour!

    • High resolution down to 2µm

  • No mask! directly from your computer

  • Quick and Easy to use

  • Highly adjustable product


  • High resolution down to 2µm
  • No mask! Directly from your computer
  • A fast fabrication process and develop your mold in 1h
  • Highly adjustable product
  • Take advantage of our knowledge for your soft-lithography process

Highly adjustable

This equipment is highly adjustable regarding your need and specific application:

Usually working with microscope slide, it can be adapted to 4 inches wafer.

  • 5 different objectives exist depending on the resolution you will need. (between 40µm to 2µm)
  • A fitted computer can be added
  • For really thin layer a Z stage can be added
  • In case of big design or alignment purpose a XY stage can be added


As for all our equipment, we provide high support on the equipment but also for the connected microfabrication steps before and after the exposure. More than helping use with one part pf the process we can guide you during all the process.


The UVSP is highly adaptable according to the application and namely regarding the choice of the objectives. Indeed each objective will lead to a special achievable resolution but also to a special size of the area exposed. The higher is the objective, the better is the resolution and the smaller is the exposed area. You will find in the table the  information between the objective, the resolution and exposed area.

Objective Resolution Exposed area Precision
x 0.5 >40µm 25.6mm x 14.4mm 13.3µm
x 1 >23µm 13.6mm x 7.7mm 7.7µm
x 2.5 >8µm 5.4mm x 3mm 2.8µm
x 5 >4µm 2.7mm x 1.5mm 1.4µm
x 10 > 2µm 1.35mm x 0.75mm 0.7µm

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