UV Lamp – UVK3



High resolution UV Lamp

The UVK3 is a complete automatic UV exposure chamber with a highly collimated UV light with a collimation angle < 2°. Working with UV Led, there is no need of heating or cooling time and the lifetime of the lamp is higher than 10 000 hours. The smart interface eases the process and you just have to follow the indication on the screen. With a resolution of 2µm, it will answer to 95% of the microfluidic applications.



  • High resolution down to 2µm
  • High UV power exposure
  • Fully adjustable time and power
  • Easy to use
  • Take advantage of our knowledge for your soft-lithography process


As for all our equipment, we provide high support on the equipment but also for the connected microfabrication steps before and after the exposure. More than helping use with one part pf the process we can guide you during all the process.


  • The UVK3 works typically with 4″ wafer but can be used for smaller substrate.
  • It’s possible to use plastic mask to stick on a virgin borosilicate glass.
  • The UVK3 works with 5″ glass mask but a 4″ adapter can be add if needed.
  • The UVK3 is working in continuous or pulse mode.
  • The nominal power is around 50mW/cm² and can be tuned between 0% to 100% according to the use.
  • A UV meter is incorporated inside the equipment to control at any time the power of the lamp.


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