UV Lamp with alignment UVK9


High resolution UV Lamp with alignment

The UVK9 is a complete automatic UV exposure chamber with a highly collimated UV light  (collimation angle < 2°). Working with UV Led, there is no need of heating or cooling time and the life time of the lamp is higher than 10 000 hours. The smart interface eases the process and you just have to follow the indication on the screen. With the alignment function at 5µm precision and a resolution of 2µm, the UK9 is similar to any UV exposure system in clean room but stays a table top equipment and can be set everywhere especially outside a clean room.


  • High resolution down to 2µm
  • High UV power exposure
  • Fully adjustable time and power
  • Easy to use
  • Alignment at 5µm
  • Take advantage of our knowledge for your soft-lithography process

Align your mask!

The UK9 is really similar to the UVK3 however it enables an alignment between the mask and the wafer before the UV exposure.

Indeed thanks to the joy-pad you will be able to align a mask on a first photoresist layer with a resolution of 5µm. The alignment is easily done on four degrees of freedom, all the moves can be checked with the video assisted positioning system.

Thanks to it, you can work with different thickness on the same mold, namely used in biological field to have first some small channel (height ~5µm) with bigger to bring the sample close (height ~40µm).

You can also create hard device in photoresist, by closing your channels and open the fluidic connection at some precise position.


As for all our equipment, we provide high support on the equipment but also for the connected microfabrication steps before and after the exposure. More than helping use with one part pf the process we can guide you during all the process.


  • The UVK9 is a compact alignment UV exposure system (475 x 475 x 478mm).
  • Working with UVLED at a wavelenght of 365nm, the life time is over the 10 000 hours.
  • Like the UVK3 the divergence angle is really low <2°, moreover the exposure homogeneity is better than 5% on the whole surface of a 4″ wafer.
  • The UVK9 has the possibility to do a vacuum contact for masking mode.

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