UV Chamber UVW25


Simple UV Chamber cabinet

This UV Chamber tool focusses on one point: the UV exposure of your photoresist layer. It’s an handy and easy to use equipment working with UVled ensuring a long life time, a perfectly centered exposure wavelength, and no need of heating or cooling time. You will be able to act on the two major parameters of the equipment, which are the exposure power and the exposure time, to efficiently create your microfluidic mold.

    • Programmable power and exposure time

  • Simple mask position

  • Quick and Easy to use

  • Does not require a clean room


  • Good collimation of the light <15°
  • Programmable illumination power and exposure time
  • Interchangeable UVLED source (365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm)
  • Take advantage of our knowledge for your soft-lithography process

A simple unit at low price!

Everything is simple but efficient with this tool. The main aim is to expose your photoresist to your chosen UV light and everything is thought in this way. No hazard with high tech functions, it’s a



As for all our equipment, we provide high support on the equipment but also for the connected microfabrication steps before and after the exposure. More than just helping you with one part of the process we can guide you during all the process.


  • The UVW25 unit, it’s a UVlamp working with UVled. 4 different wavelengths are available, 365, 385, 395 or 405nm to be adaptable to all kinds of photoresist.
  • The UVW25 has an homogeneity of more than 90% and a collimation angle under 15°.
  • The nominal exposure power is of 250mW/cm2 but can be adjusted between 20% to 100%.
  • Trays’ dimensions are 300×300 mm so can be used to expose up to 6″ substrate.
  • The tray can be move away or closer to the lamp (it will define a typical power and area exposed on the surface) with 5 different positions: 5/10/15/20 or 25cm from the emitting widow of the UV LED lamp.
  • The UVW25 has a security window on the front to be able to see the process during exposure without risks.

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